School will resume tomorrow, January 30, 2023, in Tigray.

Shools in Tigray has burned and looted by invaders

MekelleŠć°30th January 2023( Tigray Herald)

The Tigray Education Bureau (TEB) announced that the education process will resume tomorrow (January 22, 2015).

The education from pre-primary to grade 4 is aimed at healing the psychological crisis among the students of Tigray.

D/r Shishay Amare, The head of Tigray Education Bureau

Efforts should be made to get children who have been away from school for the past four years back to school.

More than 80 percent of Tigray’s educational institutions have been destroyed due to the genocidal war declared by the invading forces. The Eritrean army also looted the educational materials of these schools.

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