Perseverance of the Tigray Defense Forces

Member of TDF Combatant Mizan

MekelleŠć°30th January 2023(Tigray Herald)

The TDF is a demonstration of perseverance, courage, heroism, invincibility, dedication, and military wisdom of the army.

Not to mention impossible to do and imagine, it shocked the world and revealed the accumulated military wisdom and wealth of thousands of years of Tigrayans.

The campaign of Alula Aba Nega has come alive like the heroism of our ancestors like General Abraham, General Ra’s Alula and Ra’s Suhul Michael, hundreds of years ago.

Unprecedented bilateral full military infantry with mechanized forces of Ethiopia and Eritrea, nine state special forces, Somali auxiliary troops, UAE, China, Iran etc Drones and other heavy weapons. On this region, where Tigray has indiscriminate blockade and siege. It is a force that has performed remarkable heroism in enduring these.

Especially, it is proved that no one can stand up to the TDF except for the help of heavy weapons and infantry.

General Migbey Haile,Member of TDF commamders

The TDF defeats its enemies by snatching light weapons from the enemy, enduring severe hunger and thirst, enduring relentless series of battles and journeys, without regular medical treatment, etc. Almost one Tiger fighter fought for 50 to 100 enemies.

The history of our comrades we left behind in the desert will live on in the hearts of the people of Tigray.

Your history that we will remember forever will be recorded in golden ink for thousands of years to come.

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