Hunger kills over 1300 people in 9 districts in Tigrai.

Mekelle፡ 06 October 2023(Tigray Herald)

Hunger kills over 1300 people in 9 districts in Tigrai.

Research conducted by Tigray Health Research Institute, Mekelle University and Bureau of Health revealed 1329 people died from hunger in 9 districts in Tigrai only in the past 9 months.

Presenting the research this morning, Lead Researcher Dr Mokonen Haileslassie underscored that the research finds “68.3% deaths in Tigrai occurs due to starvation”.

Director for Tigray Health Research Institute Dr. Hayelom Kahsay on his behalf said the research estimates 7949 people died from hunger across 76 accessible districts across the region.

Dr. Mokonen  Haileslassie added the research recommends that Complete Enumeration Survey Method should be carried out to know the total deaths across Tigrai, continuous advocacy is expected from stake holders, expedited humanitarian response is warranted from aid agencies to prevent more deaths, and rehabilitation activities including return of the displaced communities to their homes.

The research also states burning down of crops and grain stores, stealing and slaughtering of livestock, Intentionally looting and destruction of food, lack of food aid as well as  displacement of people exacerbated the humanitarian crisis generated by the war on Tigray.

Discussion on the report resumes. Question and answer is talking place between participants and lead researchers.

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