The Aksum Tigray tourism industry strategy

Mekelle:  2 December 2023 (Tigray Herald)

The Aksum Tigray tourism industry strategy capitalizes on the rich historical legacy embedded in its ancient knowledge, notably showcased through the erection of obelisk stones and intricate script writing on stones. This unique heritage, coupled with exceptional craftsmanship in gold, silver, and metal works, presents a compelling opportunity for Tigray’s tourism sector.

To leverage these ancient treasures, a multifaceted approach can be adopted. Firstly, promoting guided tours to the archaeological sites where obelisk stones stand tall can provide visitors with an immersive experience, narrating the historical significance and architectural prowess of the Aksumites. Incorporating storytelling about the script writings on stones adds another layer of cultural depth.

The unique jewelry crafting tradition in gold, along with silver and metal works, can be showcased through specialized workshops and exhibitions. Tourists could engage with local artisans, witnessing the meticulous process behind crafting these treasures and even participate in hands-on experiences, creating a personalized connection to Tigrayan craftsmanship.

Furthermore, the development of a museum dedicated to Aksum’s history and artistry could serve as a hub for preserving and presenting these ancient wonders. Interactive displays, multimedia presentations, and educational programs could enhance visitors’ understanding of the intricate techniques and cultural significance behind the artifacts.

Collaborations with academia and cultural institutions can also contribute to the development of educational programs, ensuring that the historical narratives are accurately conveyed and that the local community actively participates in preserving and promoting their heritage.

By strategically combining these elements, Aksum Tigray can position itself as a unique destination, appealing to history enthusiasts, art connoisseurs, and cultural explorers. This comprehensive approach not only enriches the tourism experience but also fosters sustainable economic growth and community development.

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