come and visit Aksum -Tigray

By Yerga Yaecobe

Mekelle:  19 December 2023 (Tigray Herald)

come and visit Aksum -Tigray

the first timket, Epiphany celebrations in the Horn of africa  begins in the ancient  city of Aksum Tigray
The ancient  Aksum bath of the legendary Queen of Sheba in Aksum.-Tigray

Discover the sacred allure of Aksum-Tigray, where the timeless echoes of Timket, the Epiphany celebrations, resonate through the ancient city. Immerse yourself in the profound spirituality of Aksum, home to the legendary Queen of Sheba’s bath and the cradle of Timket traditions.

Embark on a journey where Christianity first graced the Aksum Empire in the 4th century A.D., as the Greek-speaking missionary, Frumentius, enlightened King Ezana. Unveil the sanctity of this historical site and witness the convergence of faith and culture in the heart of Tigray.

In the aftermath of Tigray’s recovery, the inaugural Timket celebrations beckon, serving as a beacon of hope and healing. Experience the resilience of a region rebuilding from the shadows of genocide, as the Epiphany festivities weave a tapestry of faith, unity, and renewal.

Aksum-Tigray, where the ancient meets the contemporary, invites you to be a part of a greater annual religious tourism attraction. Join us in fostering a spirit of harmony and cultural rejuvenation as we unveil the transcendent beauty of Timket celebrations in the Horn of Africa. Embrace the transformative journey, where history, faith, and recovery converge to create an unparalleled experience.
The ancient city of Aksum in Tigray, Horn of Africa is the birthplace of Christianity in the Horn of Africa. The first Timket, or Epiphany, celebrations in the region begin here, making it a significant religious and cultural destination for visitors The Timket festival, which is officially a three-day event, starts on January 18th and celebrates the baptism of Christ in the river Jordan by John the Baptist 2.

The festivities begin with the procession of ‘tabots’ (holy replicas of the Ark of the Covenant) to a body of water in the afternoon of the first day. In Aksum, this body of water is the Bath of Queen Sheba  The festivities around the Bath of Queen Sheba go on through the night with singing, praying, and burning candles and incense. The next morning, the crowds gather again for colorful ceremonies and more prayers. After this, the tabots are paraded back to the church, and the church leader blesses the pool of water. When the priests are done, it is finally time for the annual baptism. This is the point where everyone gets excited: people jump into the holy water or try to get a bit of water on their forehead from the big water sprays.
The Timket festival in Aksum is a unique and colorful event that attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is a significant religious and cultural celebration that showcases the rich history and traditions of the region. The festival is an excellent opportunity for branding and promoting Aksum-Tigray’s tourism industry. By highlighting the region’s unique cultural heritage and religious significance, the festival can attract more visitors and help in the post-genocide Tigray recovery healings
:The Aksum Timkat festival in Aksum in  Timket (Epiphany) Aksum Airport reconstruction project set to boost tourism and economy in Aksum 4: Challenges of tourism development in the out-skirt sites of Aksum City.

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