Aksumite -Tigray Artisan Craftsmanship Renaissance Hub.

Mekelle:  23 January 2024 (Tigray Herald)

By Yerga Yaecobe

Aksumite -Tigray Artisan Craftsmanship Renaissance Hub.

Initiating a transformative project in Aksum-Tigray to revive and disseminate ancient Aksumite expertise in Goldsmithing, Jewellery craftsmanship, and Silversmithing. This comprehensive initiative aims to generate employment, fuse historical techniques with contemporary methods, and aid in the recovery of post-genocide Tigray.

Key Components:

Training Hub Establishment: Set up a cutting-edge training center in Aksum, offering concise and medium-term courses in Goldsmithing, Jewellery craftsmanship, Sapphire and Precious Stones, and Silversmithing.

Qualification Programs: Develop certification programs in collaboration with Aksum University, ensuring participants acquire skills aligned with industry standards.

Historical Integration: Fuse Aksumite historical connections since the era of King Ezana, combining ancient techniques with modern technologies for a unique learning experience.

Skill Levels: Tailor courses for all skill levels, providing specialized programs for adults and youth to align with post-genocide Tigray’s recovery needs.

Collaborative Partnerships: Engage the Tigray Ancient Indigenous Knowledge’s Craftsmanship Civic Association as a key stakeholder, ensuring local expertise’s involvement in crafting training programs.

Lessons from Jerusalem Goldsmith Training: Draw inspiration from successful models like the Jerusalem Goldsmith Training, emphasizing best practices to establish Aksum as a center of excellence.

Slogan: Reviving Brilliance: Crafting Tomorrow with Ancient Mastery


Aksumite Artisan Renaissance Hub
Golden Threads of Legacy: A Journey in Craftsmanship
From Past to Present: Aksumite Mastery Unveiled
Crafting Opportunities: Post-Genocide Tigray’s Renaissance
Beyond Gold: Jewels of Skill and Innovation in Aksum
Export Market Focus:
Position Aksumite products as uniquely historically rich, meeting global demand for authentic craftsmanship. Leverage export opportunities by highlighting cultural significance and craftsmanship excellence.

Professional Celerity Understand Strategy:
Implement a streamlined approach, focusing on swift execution through collaboration with academic institutions, local associations, and leveraging historical legacies. Prioritize professional development for the training hub to become a beacon for skill-oriented education in the region.

Revival and Advancement of Ancient Aksumite Goldsmithing and Silversmithing: Comprehensive Strategy

Reviving unique ancient Aksumite Goldsmith, Jewellery, Sapphire, and Precious Stones, Silversmithing presents an opportunity for economic growth, job creation, and skill development in post-genocide Tigray. This strategy integrates ancient Aksumite techniques with modern technology, drawing on historical connections since the era of King Ezana.

Vision and Mission:
Establish the Aksum Goldsmithing Training Hub as a center of excellence and a showcase for Goldsmith, Sapphire, Precious Stones, and Silversmithing, aligning with post-genocide recovery and rehabilitation goals in Tigray.

Training Programs:
Develop short and medium-skill training courses for all levels, incorporating Aksumite techniques with modern technologies to balance traditional craftsmanship and contemporary market demands.

Forge partnerships with Aksum University and Tigray Ancient Indigenous Knowledge Civic Association, key stakeholders crucial for holistic skill development and preservation of ancient techniques.

Historical Integration:
Integrate lessons from the Jerusalem Goldsmith and Jewellery Making Training, applying insights to the unique Aksumite context, leveraging the historical significance of the region.

Economic Impact:
Position the Aksum Goldsmithing Training Hub as an engine for economic growth in the goldsmith jewelry market, emphasizing job creation and employment opportunities for the local community.

Skill Development:
Prioritize skill development through hands-on training, workshops, and mentorship programs tailored to address the specific needs of post-genocide Tigray, fostering pride in the ancient Aksumite heritage.

Center of Excellence:
Establish the Aksum Goldsmithing Training Hub as a recognized center of excellence in collaboration with Aksum University, serving as a learning and research hub adapting to evolving techniques and market trends.

This strategy contributes to post-genocide rehabilitation and preserves and advances Aksumite craftsmanship, making the Aksum Goldsmithing Training Hub a beacon of innovation, fostering economic growth and empowering the community through skills and knowledge.

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