Council of Ministers Approves Transitional Justice Policy

Mekelle:  21 April 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Council of Ministers Approves Transitional Justice Policy
The Council of Ministers has approved the draft Transitional Justice Policy today.

According to a statement issued by the council, the approved policy will be effective as of its date of approval.

Ethiopia has made various attempts to resolve human rights violations, civil conflicts, unwarranted narratives and abuses that had occurred and continue in different eras with a wide range of victims and perpetrators, the statement added.

However, these approaches have not yet brought about the desired lasting solution as they were not implemented in a manner of universal transitional justice based on truth, reconciliation, mercy and justice and guided by a clear policy in an inclusive, human rights-oriented and flexible way.

A draft policy unanimously approved was submitted to the Council of Ministers to manage and implement the transitional justice process in an organized, integrated and effective manner at the national level, it was learned.

Additionally, the council has deliberated on federal civil servants draft bill.

The draft bill was presented at the 29th regular session of the Council of Ministers to enable the implementation of the policy based on the approved Public Service Delivery and Administration Policy.

It is also expected to be instrumental in resolving the gaps in the implementation process of the draft decree that was approved in 2010, the statement explained.

In particular, the draft bill has been prepared to establish a system that could fit with the times and solve the problems witnessed in realizing a free, independent, efficient, accessible and accountable administration.

The council discussed the draft decree in detail and unanimously referred it to the House of People’s Representative for approval.


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