Guidelines for Enhanced Military Conduct

Mekelle:  3 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Guidelines for Enhanced Military Conduct

By Yerega Yaecobe

Enforcing strict military conduct regarding confidential matters is vital to ensuring collective security, particularly in the context of the Tigray and Horn of Africa regions.

Key Points:

Confidentiality: All Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) members must maintain strict confidentiality regarding military affairs, extending to interactions with media, civilians, and fellow military personnel.
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): Every individual associated with TDF, from high-ranking officials to civilians, must sign an NDA prohibiting the disclosure of sensitive military information.
Penalties: Clear consequences, including legal actions and disciplinary measures, should be established for breaching confidentiality.
Training and Awareness: Regular programs should educate personnel on confidentiality importance and consequences.
Hierarchical Responsibility: Military leadership must enforce and exemplify confidentiality rules across all levels of command.
Media Relations: Only authorized spokespersons should engage with the media, ensuring adherence to approved messaging.,Unauthorized media disclosures are subject to disciplinary action.
Ownership of Military Information Resources.
Post-Retirement Obligations: Confidentiality obligations extend to retired personnel, safeguarding sensitive information.
Civilian Accountability: Civilians associated with TDF, including politicians and contractors, must also abide by confidentiality agreements.
Implementation: Legal experts and military professionals should collaborate to create and effectively communicate these guidelines to all TDF personnel.

This guidance emphasizes the significance of maintaining confidentiality within the Tigray Defence Forces for the sake of public sensational efficacy.

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