The forgotten story Tigrean Genocide victim

Mekelle: 15 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

The forgotten story
she is 35 year old Woman who visited to our OPD on yesterday after she was linked from an other department for evaluation of her #gynecologic complaint.
For the last 1 year she is living here(mekelle) in either of the so called safe house centers(though safe by name).
She is married and were living in #Benshangul with good income before they were displaced in 2010 E.c because they were#Tegaru in blood.
From 2010 till the broke up of the bloody war they were living around and  being dependent on their relatives here in Tigray.
During the early phases of the war she was raped by group of eritrean forces for days and finally after they wrapped her body with plastic materials socked with fuel they let her body burn assuming that she already died and they kidnapped her only #son who was 13 at that time.
After eritrean troops left the area people in the village took their home and were caring her with home made remedies as the health facilities were already made out of service.
At the same time her big brother was also massacred again by eritrean troops in his village.
Finally her husband and two of her brothers joined TDF to fight the genociders and later on unfortunately only one of her brothers came alive after he susstaind ingury at multiple areas of his body and being amputated.
Now she has no one to see hope on him and she is already diagnosed with #PTSD and she is here seeking care for her burned body and joints which  ended up with immobility being attended by workers from safe house.
She said also said she is suffering from chronic pelvic pain and sleep deprivation.
Actually she was crying while she was talking me this painful story specially when she was talking about her only son and even me i couldn’t afford to see additional clients at that time.
Some pictures after i obtained her #consent.
# After all We forgotten everything and we are here making unnecessary chaos!!

┬ęTewelde brhane
#Wellness Watch Medical & Health Promotion

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