Getachew Reda Matters More Than His Party!!

Mekelle፡26 May 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Getachew Reda Matters More Than His Party!!

By Ermias Amare

Back in 2019, when everyone supported Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD), it was clear he represented the TPLF, yet he earned the benefit of doubt. I personally penned a “strong” article titled “TPLF’s Last Man Standing,” discussing the challenges despite the trust people had in him. With the hindsight, our expectations should have been tempered. Debretsion was excessively partisan, intertwining his identity with the party. He established a strict hierarchy within Tigreans in the region and credited his party for every decision made in the Office of the President. This led to growing frustration and eventually a loss of faith among the people. Under his watch, a genocidal war devastated Tigray, resulting in the deaths of 1 million people. When asked by the BBC if he had any regrets, he simply replied, “I won’t comment on this.” To this day, he shows no remorse.

In contrast, Getachew K Reda, although also associated with the TPLF, has been recognized for his ability to work across the political aisle. As the Chief Administrator of the Interim Regional Administration (IRA) of Tigray, Getachew has received positive recognition, particularly from the Western community. He played a crucial role in the peace process, being a signatory of the Pretoria peace agreement, which aimed to end hostilities between the TPLF and the Ethiopian federal government.

Getachew has actively lobbied for humanitarian aid to Tigray, emphasizing the urgent needs of internally displaced persons and the wider population affected by the conflict. His strong academic background, including a Master of Law from the University of Alabama, and his tenure as a professor of law at Mekelle University, bolster his credibility as a leader. His experience as the Minister of Government Communications Affairs in Ethiopia further enhances his qualifications.

This blend of dedication to peace, advocacy for humanitarian support, and robust professional qualifications has earned him positive recognition in the Western community.

But what about us, Tigrayans? Do we see him as a leader or merely as a party member? During his fist few months in the office, he called for political repentance but to no avail. There’s a toxic trend of bothsidism in Tigray. While Getachew should be held accountable for his past failures as a member of the politburo, his current leadership is pivotal in restoring hope for Tigray’s future.

A stable government benefits the people, and any attempt to undermine his administration harms the broader community more than the leadership. To our dismay, there is an organized conspiracy, both external and internal, aimed at disconnecting his administration from the people through smear campaigns at times personal attacks. It is everyone’s responsibility to defend his role so his administration can perform its essential (at times elemental) duties. Failing to do so is detrimental, as evidenced by the dire news coming from the region. Anarchy is rampant, people are taking justice into their own hands, and prosecutors are concerned for their safety. The responsibility is ours, or we will continue to pay the price.

The core message here is that what matters most to the people is not one’s party membership but their role and actions. Getachew is the President of Tigray, and many in Tigray aspire to see him succeed in this capacity. His actions behind closed doors with his party are less relevant compared to his current role and the hope he brings to Tigray’s future.

Our recognition is what makes Getachew’s efforts truly worthwhile. It goes without saying that blind loyalty and support can dysfunction a government.

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