Operation Shinniga (Martys` Covenant) Update

Mekelle፡ 9 June 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Operation Shinniga (Martys` Covenant) Update

As if rendering civilized political contestation impossible is not bad enough, the Abiy regime has also made targeting civilian supporters of resistance movements a national sport. In Oromia, it is to be recalled that the regime has recently begun a new form of siege of civilian populations in which it denies them of basic services, particularly in western Oromia coupled with a relentless propaganda campaign against the OLA, triggering Operation Shinniga Covenant.

In the first phase of Operation Shinniga, our gallant forces of the people have taken out of action thousands of regime combatants with most of their leadership including four ENDF colonels. In the process, thousands of assault rifles have been captured including hundreds of AKMs, PKMs, Snipers, M14, F1 bombs, and tens of thousands of ammunition. Key arteries of regime forces in the region including tens of armored vehicles, Urals and 3F Patrol vehicles have been made inoperable. Including under difficult circumstances, our forces have continued to demonstrate exceptional valor and their leadership strategic brilliance.

The first phase of the Shinniga Covenant Operation has consequently rattled the regime by laying bare the its vacuous propaganda campaign of the past several months. Political and military officials including the Field Marshal have been on the ground in western Oromia to investigate the utter failure of ENDF geneflight

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