Tigray IDPs Rally for Swift, Safe Return to their Homes

Mekelle፡ 23 June 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Tigray IDPs Rally for Swift, Safe Return to their Homes

BREAKING: IDPs across #Tigray, Shire, Adigrat and Aksum, this morning staged a peaceful protest, reiterating their demand for the prompt withdrawal of occupying forces from their land and their secure return to their homes.
IDPs in different cities like Mekelle,Aby Adi,Adwa,Adi grat,Axum,Shire,Sheraro etc,rallied to demand repturn and reintegration, and the full implementation of the Pretoria agreement.

The demonstrators called attention to their desperate situation with placards, one of which read, “We are perishing without war.”

Repatriation of Tigray IDPs to Begin Soon—President

Speaking to the thousands of IDPs rallying for swift repatriation, @Reda_Getachew, said that return of IDPs to Raya and Wolkait is set to commence within the next few days, with Western #Tigray slated to follow suit shortly.

We will make sure that this will be the last demonstration.” @reda_getachew told internally displaced persons

Last month, Gen Tadesse Werede told reporters that a deadline had been set to dismantle the illegal #Amhara administrations in the Raya and Tselemti districts by June 7, and in Western #Tigray by July 7, paving the way for the safe return of over 1.1 million Tigrayan IDPs.

It’s been almost two years since the Pretoria deal and multiple demonstrations by our people but to no avail. Many promises have been made and broken yet our people are still languishing in makeshift shelters while genocidal forces are living and roaming freely. Insane.

Voices that have not been heard for 4 years.
Displaced people who spend their 4 summers in pain.

June 30 is our historical day if we return to our red.

Due to the war, they were displaced from Western Tigray and Keyachew in Taba Woyane. To implement the Pretoria peace agreement to be implemented today June 16, 2016 E.C. They asked for a peaceful demonstration.

The displaced people who are displaced from their homes due to the war and are in Taba Woyane camp in Shere Andaselassie city are suffering a lot and that spending their 4th year of winter here will cost them a huge price and that we are doomed to perish as a people.

The Pretoria peace agreement that has been more than 20 months since it was signed has not been able to save us from hunger and poverty.

More than 370 thousand displaced from western Tigray and in Shere Endaselassie city, in the demonstration that they have held today: “The Pretoria agreement signed by the federal government must be in place of respect to the return of the country by September 30th. Our national identity should be respected according to the constitution.
Before winter comes, send us back to our homes and make us comfortable in a situation where we can live together, international community should fulfill its obligations and humanitarian aid should be provided to us immediately” others have heard slogans in the demonstration.

The international community should break its silence and understand the suffering and problems of the displaced people and pleaded with them.

There are 370 thousand people displaced from western Tigray and are sheltered in Bashire Endaselassie shelter camp and 850 people died due to hunger and lack of food, including 232 children, the coordinator of the demonstration, Mr. Gebremedihin Mesgebe stated.

Children, pregnant mothers, the elderly are losing their lives because of hunger. The international community including the federal government have demanded that the displaced people return to their roots on September 30th, justice and accountability and adequate humanitarian aid should be provided.

The displaced people in the shelter camp in Shere Andaselassie city have been found that their camp has collapsed and they are suffering a lot and worse life.

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