Tigrai  land of wonders.

Aug 28, 2023 Mekelle (Tigrai Herald)
“A picture is worth a thousand words”.
This mountain Cliffs  is a home of 6th century cave  monastery with   adorable mural paintings  .

If you are sportive and healthy don’t miss this place . it is found in Tigrai  northern part  of Ethiopia  in a place called GEREALTA (ገረዓልታ) .

It’s believe that a lot of people know about Geralta for better or worse.  It’s no easier than making aworldwideheadline.

However, there may be #unknowns so let me write something about Geralth asmuch as I can.

   When you see the girls of Geraltas dressed up without any modern makeup, you admire the creativity of the girls Sala and Tewleh.  The hills of Geraltha are blessed in every way ;  #They are amazing to the nomads in terms of their location and the #history they hold inside.

  You will admire the history of Gerealta more as the members of Gerealta Tour Guide tell you their knowledge of the monasteries.

lders of the area tell that the area was forest.
The areas of #Beraqi and #Adi’ilo and Agoza Tewlehe Goh Gondo Maitekli Minguda Sela Haregua Dgum including the local  Mearg Emba Kemer are covered with trees in summer and winter.
It is also said that there are countlesscaves in the hills.

      Of these:
  1) The house of Abune YmAta is one of the most amazing monasteries in Gereal.  There are other beautiful churches around and nearby.  These include MaryBerakit (whose heritage has now been tragically lost and I will try to come back to it another time), Mary Korkor Abune Gebremichael_Koraro, and FourAnimals Formula Debresahel their owners are limited.
  It takes time and ability to see them all, but they are not easily seen.

According to the residents, there are animals like leopard and dragon and others in the lush forest in front of the monastery.

Once upon a time, there was an article in the Encyclopedia Etopica entitled Geography of Ethiopia.  It is based on our ancient Book of Axum” document.  This article describes Geraltas as one of the 12 ancient kingdoms of Aksum.

Interestingly, the 12 states mentioned were only Tembien, Shire, Saraye, Hamassen, Bur, Tsame, Agame, Geralta, Embasneyti, Enderta, Saharti and Abergele which then was a state that did not extend beyond today’s Tigray and its borders.  This means, however, that the areas were in a different state from the territorial content and structure seen today.  They say “Teacher Muluworq”

Furthermore, #Geralta was once a very vast and diverse geographical area (called Doga, Plain and Sand of Geralta) where people divided it into two or three depending on the situation and you still hear from the traditional name.

There were times when Gereal was united by an officer called “Shum Gereal” and was considered and administered as one of the 12 major states of the Aksumite Empire.  Geraldine was also the birthplace of many powerful men who were intermarried with all corners of Tigray.  Ancient local administrations such as Tsera, Atsbi, Haramat, Werileke, Embasneyti, Tembien, Sheta, Enderta and others border and connect with Gereal.  For this reason, this historic land is certainly a great origin and roots of the people of Tigray.  Its relics are living testimony to the fact that the ancient civilization of Tigray rested there.

After Tigray was divided into districts, Gerealty became a major part and woreda of Enderta.  Gerealty is the repository of faith and heroism of Tigray.

The reason for this is that the flowers that were deliberately carved out like walls and looked like red embers of fire were eager to carve and build.

If mountains are romantic, nothing can be more beautiful than the hills that start from Wukro town and extend to Gerealta via Aiba Gemad, pass through Tembien Aby Adi and reach Menewen Zkulin  They have potential counterparts.

  Secondly, the Geralty hills are the stronghold and enrichment of the ancient Sabaean civilization of Tigray.

The stories told in Gereal to this day are based on our historical past.  Gereal has a shared history and glory of the sixth century associated with the arrival of the Tesatu Saints (Evangelists).  The holy places there such as Abune Yimta have similar history and period of foundation to the monasteries of Abune Penteleon and Abune Likanos in Aksum, Abune Gerima Adwa, Abune Aftse Yiha, Abune Tsihma Werileke, Abune Aregawi Debredamo, Abba Guba and Abune Aleph.

  Christianity was first introduced and preached in the fourth century during the reign of Ezana and Sayzana.
This stunningly beautiful church is no different from the flowers of Gerealtha.  Gerealty is home to many historical churches and monasteries that are hilly, difficult to climb and hard to believe that they were built by man.

  For this reason, they were not as easily destroyed as others, but they did not escape the destruction by Judith (Gudit) in the 10th century and then by Ahmed Gray in the 16th century.  Therefore, buildings and monuments that could not be easily replaced have disappeared.

Some of them were buried in the dust to save them from the destruction and the people who buried them died without confessing.

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