The First Phase of the Dialogue

Mekelle፡4 June 2024 (Tigray Herald)

The First Phase of the Dialogue

The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission officially launched the first phase of the dialogue processes in Addis Ababa last week.

The Commission has been tasked with advancing a comprehensive process of talks and reconciliation that will heal divisions, encourage consensus on significant national issues, and help the country overcome its complex problems.  

Political Parties are one of the key stakeholders involved in the national dialogue process.  

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Political Strategy Advisor at the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Ibsa Nego stated that economic, administrative, political and social problems in Ethiopia can be solved through dialogue.

Safeguarding the interests of the nation should come first since armed struggles will not lead to the country’s economic development, he pointed out, emphasizing the significant of lasting peace to ensure sustainable development by overcoming poverty through dialogue.

In this regard, the national dialogue process underway in the country is crucial to engage all pertinent actors in the country to be part of the solution to country’s problems, he said, adding that this approach is essential for resolving both centuries-old and current differences in Ethiopia.

He further stressed the importance of all citizens contributing to this endeavor.

According to Ibsa it is important to realize the fact that the approach attempting to grab political power by gun is ineffective in today’s context.

Since the people elect their leaders, peaceful struggle is the best way to prevent poverty, human rights abuses, and other horrible issues brought on by war.

No one is no longer forced to choose violent conflict because there are now favorable conditions for open discussion on fundamental disagreements and reach consensus on important national challenges.

Therefore, he emphasized the need to actively engage in the ongoing consultation with a view to realize the betterment of the country urging all concerned actors not to miss the opportunity brought by the national dialogue commission which is critical to safeguarding the national interest of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian Former Army Support and Development Association President, Corporal Birhanu Amare for his part said emphasized the importance of dialogue to settle differences in constructive spirit to find viable solutions to age old national challenges that have been hindering the country’s prosperity.

The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission has initiated a nationwide agenda gathering consultative chapter in Addis Ababa with the gathering of representatives from all stakeholders.

The nationwide agenda gathering consultative chapter was started in the capital on Saturday where Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other high ranking government officials presided over the ceremony.

Source: ENA

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