Mekelle፡ 25 June 2024 (Tigray Herald)

By Yerga Yaecobe.

Tigray’s “Living Hell” for Its Women and Girls: A Call to Action
In the heart of Tigray, where once the spirit of resistance and heroism thrived, a sinister shadow has fallen over its most vulnerable: the women and girls of Tigray. Once celebrated for their bravery and unwavering support in the face of adversity, today, these heroic women endure a nightmarish reality of daily kidnappings, killings, and rapes. The news that has emerged from this region is not just shocking—it is a harrowing testament to the depths of human cruelty and the failure of those in power to protect their own.

The Heroic Legacy of Tigrayan Women
Tigrayan women have long stood as pillars of strength and resilience. In the face of the genocidal war, they fought valiantly alongside their countrymen, exhibiting exceptional military heroism. These women were not just passive victims; they were warriors, leaders, and symbols of hope. Their contributions in the struggle for freedom and justice have etched their names into the annals of history, earning them admiration and respect worldwide.

The Current Atrocity: A Systemic Failure
Yet today, these same women are subjected to unspeakable horrors, a stark contrast to their past heroism. This tragic transformation from respected warriors to victims of rampant violence is a direct consequence of systemic failures at multiple levels:

Political Corruption and Lack of Accountability: The TPLF-led government, once the beacon of Tigrayan resistance, is now marred by corruption and a glaring lack of accountability. The breakdown of law and order has created a vacuum where criminals operate with impunity, targeting the very backbone of Tigrayan society.
Ineffective Justice System: The absence of strict penalties, including the enforcement of death penalties for heinous crimes, has emboldened perpetrators. The justice system’s failure to act decisively against these atrocities signals a dangerous tolerance for violence against women.
Moral and Ethical Decay: The failure to protect Tigrayan women is not just a political issue—it is a profound moral and ethical collapse. A society that does not safeguard its women has no future, no peace, and no security.
A Direct Message to the TPLF Government
To the TPLF government: your failure is evident. You have failed the women of Tigray, and by extension, you have failed Tigray itself. This ongoing violence against women is a stain on your legacy, a dark mark that will not be easily erased. If you cannot protect your people, if you cannot restore justice and accountability, then you must relinquish your power.

Enough is enough. The time for change is now. Either step up to end this atrocity, or step down and make way for those who will.

A Call to Every Tigrayan
To every young man, adult, and politician in Tigray: it is time to rise. It is time to channel the spirit of our ancestors, to embody the heroism of our mothers, sisters, and daughters. This is not just a fight for survival; it is a fight for the soul of our nation.

“No More Silence, No More Fear!”
“Protect Our Women, Protect Our Future!”
“Justice for Tigray’s Women Now!”
“Hold the Corrupt Accountable!”
“Tigray’s Strength Lies in the Dignity of Its Women!”
Final Appeal
A nation that does not respect the rights of its women has no future. Without peace and security for our women, there is no peace and security for any of us. Let every Tigrayan read these words and understand the profound danger we face. It is time to act, to protect, and to honor the women who have given so much. The future of Tigray depends on it.

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