Anthony Blinken is planning to come to Ethiopia

Mekelle፡24 February 2023(Tigray Herald)

The United States plans to send Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken to Ethiopia again.

Although it has been heard that the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is planning to send Anthony Blinken to Ethiopia for an official visit, no specific date has been announced when the minister will come to Ethiopia.

According to the information released by Africa Intelligence, which focuses on the diplomatic relations of countries;  It has been suggested that Blinken’s trip to Ethiopia may take place next March.  It is to be remembered that Blinken had previously come to Ethiopia in 2022 and discussed with high government officials.

Although Blinken’s main agenda for coming to Ethiopia is not known by contract, it is expected that he will consult with government officials on the implementation of the peace agreement between the TPLF and the federal government, in which the United States has participated as an observer.

The United States has repeatedly expressed its interest in the expectation that accountability based on transitional justice will exist from both sides under the Pretoria Peace Accords.

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