Aksum University is loading for resumption

Mekelle፡26 February 2023(Tigray Herald)

The University announced that a great effort has been started to restart Axum University, which has been cut off from the world for the past years.

According to the university’s social media page, Aksum University, which has been suspended for the past two years, is planning to start the teaching process and to start the research and community-oriented service mission in a new form.

The university community announced that it is motivated by determination to uphold and achieve the mission that the university has given and it is doing extensive work for this.

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  1. It is great to hear that we the students of Tigray have been forgotten not only by the Federal gov’t but also by the so called Tigray gov’t and our own elites. no body in Tigray or other part of Ethiopia bother to mention about the resumption any education in Tigray this is very good news. please make sure we start our class as soon us possible and be an Icon for the other institutions in Tigray. of course it is not their fault so don’t get me wrong.

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