Open letter to President Getachew

Open letter to President Getachew

Mekelle: 23 December 2023 (Tigray Herald(

By Ermias Amare

Dear President- Hope this short message finds you well. Your influence in Tigray is undeniable, and people across various backgrounds holding you in high regard. Your progressive stance and empathetic qualities resonate with them. Setting internal & external challenges aside, consider whether your performance can be seen as half full or half empty. There’s a lot going on in the region or at least people want to hear from your office but it’s been four days since Office of the President-Tigray has posted.

Holding internal meetings is understandable. However, the more time they consume, the lower the likelihood of preventing the rail from going off track. There’s a concern that someone may be attempting to sever the connections that have been established over the past few months. Remaining focused & on course should be the plan.

Living in silos is detrimental, and fostering unity is imperative. Don’t sell yourself short. Encourage a harmonious coexistence with neighboring regions, and cooperation with the central government. Assist President Dr. Fana of Mekelle University in welcoming new students as ambassadors of their regions; collaborate on aid initiatives and launch the Advisory Council.

While constituents are vital, relying solely on one party might not yield the support needed. Your role as President holds more sway than party politics. Challenges from TDF generals, Opposition parties, TPLF office, and Prime Minister Abiy require astute navigation while prioritizing the people’s needs for genuine change.

Don’t let complacency hinder the hope for positive transformation. Vocal minority may stress you out but silent majority is counting on you. Your call!!

Have a safe and happy holiday!


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